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Investment sites

Today we are inviting investors not only into the industry of the region, but also into the construction sector. The administration of the Volgograd region has set the task to increase residential construction tempos during the next 2-3 years and provide affordable housing for everybody. Big hopes are connected with development of low-rise housing construction in our region. All proprietor's contacts and information about investment site s are presented in Catalogue of Volgograd Region Investment Sites.

Investment sites for residential real estate construction

Stable development of the Volgograd region economy puts forward the necessity to provide people with comfortable and affordable housing. The territory of the region disposes of all the necessary infrastructure for effective implementation of various construction investment projects

Investment sites for low-rise housing construction

Administration of the Volgograd region is ready to render assistance to investors in dealing with the most costly issue – construction of communications for single-family home communities. Besides, the areas designated for low-rise construction meet all the requirements for successful single-family home communities in our region.

Agricultural investment sites

Increase of the agricultural complex efficiency is an important constituent of the Volgograd region economic development. That’s why Administration of the Volgograd region is purposefully rendering support to the agricultural producers.

Industrial investment sites

Nowadays the Volgograd region disposes of all the economic conditions necessary both for implementation of industrial investment projects and for organization of constituent parts production at the existing factories.