Subkontrakt_ok.jpgSubcontracting – is a proven in international practics high-efficiency factory management method which bases on cooperation of small, medium and big business sectors. Russian industrial enterprises are starting to use this method for production optimization purposes and in order to increase their competitiveness.

Subcontracting: a type of industrial cooperation. This is a factory management method which involves division of specialization between a Contractor (customer) – assembling enterprise possessing minimal necessary production capacities (the most profitable production processes, crucially influencing product quality) and Subcontractors (supplying companies) – specialized enterprises, producing constituent parts and providing necessary services.  

Application of subcontracting enables a parental enterprise – Contractor to get rid of dead expenses connected with maintenance of underutilized production lines and direct all its efforts to the major objectives such as technological reequipment, modernization, renewal of product range. Subcontractors (usually small and medium enterprises) working according to subcontracts reach high machine loading and as a result high productivity. Subcontracting enables to optimize production process and increase competitiveness both at the level of an enterprise and at the level of the region.

Orders on subcontracting are more low presented: