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Our business proposals

2 Сентября 2009

Construction of Volgograd Zoo

The Volgograd city does not have a zoo or other objects of the kind. That’s why construction of a zoological garden is very topical. The investment project pursues the following aims: ecological education, organization of available and interesting leisure for the inhabitants of the region as well as preservation of biological diversity of rare and extinguishing species of animals and plants,
Number of floors: 1-2
Basic economic indices: payback period – 8-10 years.
Required investments: 1.2 bn rub, the possibility of budget co-financing is being discussed
2 Сентября 2009

Equestrian Sports Centre on Sarpinsky Island

The project foresees construction of a horse barn for 20 horses and 5 ponies, administration buildings and service rooms. The centre will offer not only horse trips and horseback riding training, but also organization of horse performances. Nature resources of the Sarpinsky island will enable to spend a good time and pick a lot of information about flora and fauna of the Volgograd region. Required state support: providing of a land plot Required investments: 37 mln rub.

2 Сентября 2009

Kart-track «VOLGA»

The important role of technical sports in education of a young generation is obvious. Go-karting teaches children to drive cars skillfully, gives patterns of right driving behavior and provides first technical knowledge about cars. The project entails reconstruction and enlargement of the existing kart-track, which will host all-Russian competitions. The track will be used not only by sportsmen, but will welcome everybody for a fun time.
Payback period
- 4 years.
Required investments:
1)construction of a racetrack: 36 mln rub.
construction of infrastructure: 24 mln rub.

2 Сентября 2009

Skiing complex «Snezhynka»

Skiing has become trendy recently. Despite the fact that our region concedes to many world ski resorts in natural landscapes, suitable conditions for skiing and snowboarding can be created in the Volgograd region.
Area: 4 hectares
Parking: 300 parking stallsTechnical characteristics of ropeway:
- length of 900 meters;
- elevation of skiing run not more than 100 meters;
- carrying capacity up to 800 people per hour;
- speed up to 3 meters per second.
Required investments: 80 mln rub