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Volgograd Branch of Sberbank of Russia

The largest and dynamically developing regional bank, leader in the Russian bank business offers all kinds of bank services.
Address: 40, Kommunisticheskaya St., Cental District, 400005, Volgograd.
Telephone: (8442) 36-27-79
Fax: (8442) 36-27-82

: http://www.sbrf.ru

Volgograd Branch of MDM-bank

MDM Bank is working according to the world standards; it guarantees high quality of service and professional approach. A large bank has more opportunities to satisfy needs of every client in regard to service and new banking offers.
Address: 44, Lenina Prospect, 400005, Volgograd, Volgograd Region
Telephone: (8442) 24-07-70 (8442) 24-07-72

: http://www.mdmbank.ru

Volgograd Branch of Vozrozhdenie Bank

«Vozrozhdenie» bank is a bank rendering financial services for corporate and individual customers all over Russia.
Address: 11, Nevskaya St., Central District, 400087, Volgograd, Russia
Telephone: (8442) 32-12-53

: http://www.vbank.ru

Raiffeisen Bank Brach in Volgograd

Raiffeisen bank appeared at the Russian market in 1996. Today it is one of the most reliable Russian banks. Beneficial credit plans constantly attract new private clients. The bank is a branch of large Austrian “Raiffeisen” company, which has been successfully working and developing at the world bank market for many years.
Address: 4, Lenina prospect, Central District, Volgograd, Volgograd Region, Russia.
Telephone: (8442) 38-36-62 (8442) 38-36-29

: http://www.raiffeisen.ru

"Volzhsky" Branch of JSC "SKB-Bank"

SKB-bank is one of the oldest Ural banks founded in November 1990. Today it is one of the largest Russian regional banks. More than 100 offices and 250 cash machines function in the Urals and Volga regions, Western Siberia, Moscow and other Russian regions. SKB-bank offers the whole range of financial services for individuals and companies.
Address: 7, Stalingradskaya St., 404111, Volzhsky Town, Volgograd Region.
Telephone: (8443) 31-69-90 31-67-50

: http://www.skbbank.ru

Military insurance Company (VSK)

VSK is the largest all-Russian insurance company rendering more than 100 modern insurance services. The company provides insurance coverage of more than 100 000 enterprises and organizations, more than 10 federal ministries and bodies, 10 million Russian citizens.
Address: 41, Rokossovskogo St., 400012, Volgograd.
Telephone: (8442) 37-57-33
Fax: (8442) 37-25-65
E-mail: volgograd@vsk.ru

: http://www.vsk.ru

Volgograd Branch of VEBRR Commercial Bank

«European Bank for Reconstruction and Development» (VEBRR) is a commercial bank functioning in the legal form of a limited liability company (OOO).The bank renders services on the basis of a License for banking transactions in rubles and foreign currency (without the right to attract finances of individuals into bank deposits) 3418, issued by Central Bank of the Russian Federation, from 2002. The major activities of the bnk include commercial and retail transactions on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Address of the branch: 1a Yelet skaya St., 400120, Volgograd

Telephone / fax: (8442) 269-005

: http://www.vebrr.ru

ZAO "Volgogradgrazhdanproject Institute"

ZAO «Volgogradgazhdanproject Institute» has been providing its services since 1945. The company does its best to become a good and reliable partner for all its clients.
Address: 19, Mira St., 400131, Volgograd
Telephone: (8442) 33-11-32
Fax: (8442) 33-38-02
E-mail: office@volg-project.ru

: http://www.volg-project.ru

Volgograd Branch of VTB Bank

VTB Bank is one of the national leaders in the banking sector. It holds stable competitive positions in all segments of banking services. The biggest shareholder (77,5%) is the Government of RF.
Address: 30a Raboche-Krestyanskay St., 400074, Volgograd, Volgograd Region
Telephone: (8442)93-09-69; 93-10-89 Fax (8442)93-09-86

: http://www.vtb.ru

SIC "Yugoria"

«Yugoria» State Insurance Company (SIC) renders a wide range of insurance services for companies and individuals. Reliability and high quality of service enabled the company to win trust of clients and partners. Yugoria is constantly improving and adjusting its various services on personal insurance, compulsory civil liability motor-vehicle insurance, auto insurance, property insurance to the needs of customers.
Address: 6, Khirosimy St., Volgograd
Telephone: 8 (8442) 26-99-59
Fax: 8 (8442) 26-99-59, 26-99-70
Email: sale24@vlg.ugsk.ru

: http://www.ugsk.ru

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